Kosh-Agach district is the largest district in terms of population and size, one of the most distant areas from the center of Altai Republic. Chuiski highway, connecting Altai and Mongolia, crosses Kosh-Agach district in its northern part. The area has common borders with Mongolia, China, and Kazakhstan.


The area of Kosh-Agach district has all kinds of exotic landscapes. The main area of the territory - a semi-desert plain, is located at about 2,000 meters above sea level, surrounded by mountain ranges. There are also dry steppe and tundra landscapes, known as steppe-tundra. In Dzhazator River Valley, forest landscapes are also represented.


The northern slopes are mainly covered with cedar-larch, spruce, and larch forests. On the southern slopes lie Larch forests, rising up to heights of 2,400 meters.  The climate is sharply continental. It is one of the coldest places in the country. Snowless winters last more than 7 months here. Some places are characterized by permafrost and sudden changes in temperature, even during the day. Considering the severe climatic conditions, Kosh-Agach district was included in the list of areas of the Far North in 1992.


Flora and fauna of the Kosh-Agach are remarkable, with a large number of rare species. More than 20 plant types are registered in the Red Data Book of Altai Republic. Here you can find exotic species of Russian and Mongolian fauna. The territory is inhabited by more than 30 of the 114 species of animals listed in the Red Data Book of Altai Republic, 11 of which have basic and exceptional habitats, and 6 species are classified as rare and endangered species.


There are many interesting natural, cultural and historical places  in Kosh-Agach region. The district has two reserves: Saylyugemsky and Shavlinsky, peace zone "Ukok Plateau", which became one of the World Natural Heritage Sites by UNESCO, as well as the many archaeological and historical sites of different centuries and different ethnic groups, who have gained worldwide fame. Famous lakes are Shavlinsky, mineral springs: Buguzun and Teplyi Kluch (Dzhumalinsky) which are located in the upper reaches of the river Djumaly, blue lake near Ak-Tru, Maashey glaciers, Small and Large Aktru, Mazhoysky cascade on Chuya River and many others. Rafting on  Chuya and Argut  rivers is very popular with routes of different levels of complexity.


There is a museum in the village of Kokorya, in 2001 the Kazakh Culture Museum was opened in the village of Zhana-Aul.


There have been a lot of archaeological discoveries in the district.  A sensational discovery of the 90s  was the  Ukok’s (Siberian Ice Maiden) plateau which shocked the entire scientific community. Burials, which are perfectly preserved in permafrost, are considered to be of great scientific value.  In 1993, during the excavation of Ak-Alakha mound, the embalmed body of a young Pazyryk woman was found. She was called the Siberian Ice Maiden, who lived here about 25 centuries ago.

This finding has been recognized as a great international discovery of the twentieth century. Because of these findings, it was possible to restore many of the features of the material and spiritual cultures of the people who lived in the Altai Mountains in ancient times. Ukok Plateau has not revealed all of its secrets. New discoveries are waiting for their turn in the permafrost of the alpine tundra.



Places you can visit with us


Always dreamed of going to Arizona and seeing the desert? Well, it is not necessary to go to the other part of the globe. There's a place with the same unique landscape, with a crazy mix of colors ranging from burgundy and purple, hot red with a soft ocher, copper and amber colors located in the Altai Mountains in the valley of the Kyzyl-Chin river and it is called "Mars". The tour lasts 4-5 hours and consists of several photo-stops, when you can enjoy the brethtaking view of amazing Altai nuture nature and capture the most memorable moments. The best time for filming and visiting is during the dawn or sunset, exactly when the sun light is very special and makes you feel like you are on the other planet. Winter-spring excursion is also available (note: depending on the weather conditions).


Рыбалка на границе с монголией: озеро Кок-коль


Ukok Plateau is located in the village Dzhazator (Belyashi).  Nowadays, the Siberian Ice Maiden rests in the National Anokhin’s Museum in Gorno-Altaisk. The mummy of a noble woman was found by archaeologists from Novosibirsk during excavations of Ak-Alakha-3 mound in 1993.


 Ukok Plateau. The Ukok Quiet Zone Natural Park in the village Dzhazator (Belyashi) is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage, created in order to preserve the historical, ethnic and cultural heritage of the country, as well as its landscape and biological diversity.



Fishing for grayling (royal fish of salmonids kind), trout,  and the peled (Coregonus peled) near the border of Altai Republic (Siberia, Russia) with Mongolia in the unique inaccessible habitat of rare animals and plants at an altitude of 2800 meters above sea level.  Ecotourists, eco enthuasists and true connoisseurs of wild untouched nature, who care about the flora and fauna of the Altai Mountains are more than welcome in our Kok-Kol' tourist camp and the fishing tour. Tourists can relax at the territory of the camp, spend time uniting with nature and fish in the emerald green lake called Kok-Kol any time of the year.

You can also stroll along the mountainous surroundings, climb to waterfalls in the gorges or to the top to the glaciers, where you can find the high-altitude lake called "Небесное" (Russian: Heaven). The tour begins in Aktash or Kosh-Agach village. There are cedar houses, free WI-FI, electricity (solar mini-power station), electric kettle, BBQ, cooking pot, gas stove, set of dishes, summer gazebo, first aid kit with medicine in our camp.


Attention! Hunting for animals or collection of rare plants and herbs in the surroundings of the camp are strictly prohibited!




(2200 meters above the sea level; Ukok Plateau) - Chronologically, the rock carvings (petroglyphs) of Bertekskoy have been attributed to  several eras, the oldest of which is the stone age. The greater part of the image is figures of animals and anthropomorphic images made using a point technique, dating from the Bronze Age and early Iron Age.



Also known as Teplyi Kluch (the Warm Key), (village Dzhazator, the village of Kosh-Agach), is located about 100 km south-west of Kosh-Agach town, near the pass “Teplyi Kluch”, on the right bank of the river, Djumaliev. Radon dissolved in water, has a favorable effect on the nervous and cardiovascular system.


Aktru (Aktru-Bash) Mountain is one of the main peaks of the North-Chuya ridge in the south-eastern part of Altai Republic, in the territory of the Kosh-Agach.

 It is included in the mountain unit Bish-Iirdu. The height of Aktru is 4044.4 m, which means white house or white housing translated from the Altai language. Aktru River originates from the slopes of Aktru Mountain, passing through Kurai steppe and flows into the river Chuya.

The mountain area of Aktru River Basin is a haven of eternal snow and ice which forms Small Aktru Glacier, Big Aktru Glacier, Waterfall Glacier, Visyachi lednik, "Tronovy pants", and others.




Tyute River is the left tributary of Chuya river with clean and cool water. Length of the Drain: 30 km, the river has two spring heads: one of them starts from Kupol glacier, the second one starts in the pass,  merging into one stream and flowing through meadows at first, then through the taiga in Kurai steppe. You can enjoy the river view on the way to Aktru or the lake of Eshtykёl.


Chike-Taman (South Altai language: Chike “direct” + Taman “foot” It’s a mountain pass of Chui tract. The height of the pass is 1295 m, descent is 4 km. There is an observation deck on top of the pass which offers marvelous panoramic beauty.


North ridge Chui is one of the most memorable sights that appears in front of the eyes of tourists traveling on Chui tract. The tops of the ridge could be already seen from the road outside of Aktash village. At the entrance to the Kurai steppe you can enjoy a magnificent panorama of snow-capped mountain peaks surrounding great steppes.


Shavlinsky lakes (maximum depth: 40 m) are one of the most picturesque places in the Altai Mountains. These lakes consist of alpine ponds of moraine-dammed origin in the headwater of Shavla River in the central part of the North-Chuya ridge. There are several amazing blue lakes united under the name Shavlinsky lakes. The largest and the most beautiful of them is the lower one (or medium).


The Shokpartas tract is the unique Altai highlands, where due to the nature of rocks and weather conditions, stone sculptures were formed like mythical characters and stone castles, as if descended from the paintings of the Surrealists.


Chui steppe is 1700 m above the sea level. It is the largest intermountain basin in Altai which occupies considerable territory of Kosh-Agach district (length: 70 km, width: 40 km). It is also known as one of the driest and coldest in Russia.

There are many lakes which are shaped like flat bowls with a depth of 1 to 5 meters. Dimensions of the lakes range from 10x10m to 1 square km. Most of the closed lakes of the steppe are characterized by bland brackish and even salt carbonate, sulfate, and sulfate-chloride water composition. In carrying out geological studies, silt deposits, which are related to curative mineral mud, have been found in some lakes.




Alahinskoelake is a mountain lake (located on the border with Kazakhstan). Along with the lake you can visit the ancient Turkic fences of Kyzyl-Chin and Chagan-Uzun Valley, Sophia glacier, Taldurinskiy glacier of the South Chu ridge, Shokportas Tract, and the Valley of Elangash river. The lake is also a fishing area. This pond is famous for big grayling and mesmerizing beauty. These places won't let you down and you can experience for yourself all the joy and charm of  the Altai Republic.


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