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Our Kok-Kol tourist center  is located very close to the inaccessible Russia-Mongolia border area, among the mountains (2490 meters above the sea level). Kok-kol’ is also an incredibly beautiful lake of emerald colour at the surrounding area of which you can enjoy  the unique wildlife, crystal waters of melting glaciers, pure air, lush thickets of juniper, waterfalls, cliffs, mirror-like surface of lakes and the white peaks glaciers, breathtaking and inspiring views. If you are a seeker of adventures and new experiences, ,are not afraid of difficulties and challenges, and love nature, then welcome to the wonderful camp "Kok-Kol"!


We are pleased to introduce you to our services:


- Cedar houses

- Fishing in Kok-Kol' lake  (grayling, trout, peled, whitefish)

- Hiking up to the lake called “Nebesnoe” (Sky Lake) and waterfalls which are located up in the mountains.

- Hot sauna: 1 hour - 1000 rubles




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