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Magic smell of cedar, a cozy common room, spacious and hot steam room, relaxing hammam, sauna, phyto sauna, swimming pool, a wonderful  balmy and healthy herbal tea after all the procedures - we have a full range of services to make your stay  unforgettable, providing  good mood, energy, and health.




Price List

Rasul Recreation center (indcluding: Hammam, sauna, steam room, swimming pool):







If desired to book the recreation center (hammam, sauna, steam room, swimming pool ) completely free of other people price  for 1.5 hours is 10000 roubles.

Phyto sauna: 15 min - 350 roubles



Phyto sauna:

15 min - 350 roubles



Additional items:

-Towel -50 roubles

- bedsheet -50 roubles
- life jacket for children - 50 roubles

- Teapot of healthy herbal tea - 50 roubles

For adults:

1.5 hours – 700 roubles

2 hour – 800 roubles

3 hours – 1100 roubles

For children:

1.5 hours  – 350 roubles

2 hours  –600 roubles

3 hours  – 800 roubles


Observations conducted by scientists showed that a 10-minute stay in the sauna improves the motor reaction and improves the coordination of movements. Cozy smell of wood will help to relax and enjoy the procedure; the heat in our sauna significantly activates the cardiovascular system, causing positive changes in the activity of the heart, and the purity.


Hammam, or in other words Turkish sauna, positively affects all the systems of our body. The distinctive feature of it is the special temperature conditions (in the range of 30-55°C / 86 -131°F) and a very high level of humidity (100%), which is provided by spreading steam. Well warmed marble gives unhurried relaxation and inner peace.


 Hammam of Rasul  recreation center  is not as hot as a usual bath and sauna, it’s perfect  for people who do not like or cannot tolerate high temperatures. This is a great way to relax your body,  disconnect from the daily worries and troubles,  improve the health and raise the spirits. Oriental women visited hamam not only for bathing, but also for leisure, chatting with each other, taking special procedures for health and beauty.



Russian sauna

Useful properties of the Russian sauna are a favorable effect on blood vessels. Due to temperature changes of the skin and internal organs, blood vessels dilate and the blood circulation changes in all systems of the body. It enhances better nutrition for every cell in the body. Alternately spill over yourself hot and cold water,  you will be able to carry out so-called  “gymnastics” for vessels, causing them to be able to avoid sclerotic lesions. Rapid healing of various types of injuries and regeneration of damaged tissues is noticed.

Our Russian sauna creates the perfect conditions for training of the respiratory system, as the circulatory system activates in an atmosphere of high temperature, thereby the transfer of oxygen to all organs improves.

Swimming Pool

After the treatments in the Russian sauna or hammam, the most pleasant thing is to get into the cool pool, swim and relax while enjoying the wonderful scenery of the magic forest, the majestic Altai mountains, fresh and clean mountain air. In the lap of nature all the problems, the daily chores can be forgotten and everything ceases to seem so important and intractable. Indulge yourself in our wellness center, you deserve it!

Cedar Barrel


 Dust, exhaust, and soot fall down on us all day every day. Additionally, lack of proper exercise and stress contributes to the intense slagging of the body, hence " the shell" of the toxins appears. So in order to destroy it, you need to warm up in the cedar phyto sauna. Cedar phytosaunas help get rid of many ailments and rejuvenate the body. The combination of steam, saturated with herbs, which is fed into the cabin, has a beneficial effect on humans.

Cedar is considered as a doctor tree. The wood secretes a volatile substance, which kills or inhibits the growth and development of harmful microorganisms. Due to the influence of hot saturated herbal steam skin pores open, there is active sweating. Thus, it enhances the clearing of the organism at the general and  cellular level, stimulates the work of all human organs and systems, normal metabolism, and clears and rejuvenates the skin.




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